Victory Garden

You may have heard of the term victory garden in the past but I doubt that very many people are still aware of what a victory garden is. Victory Gardens were grandmas way to stretch the monthly budget while also ensuring that her children were fed only the healthiest of vegetables. Every spring grandpa would till the garden and get the ground ready for planting the seeds. It was a big task from start to finish and though modern advances have made aspects of gardening much easier you can bet that it will still take a lot of time to maintain a vegetable garden through the harvest.

It is around this time of year that I am reminded of the legacy of gardening that was passed down. From my grandma to her daughter to me. you could say gardening is still in our blood. I think one of the biggest reasons we choose to raise our own vegetables is that once you have had garden fresh veggies it is hard to go back to the store bought veggies. Store bought veggies lack the full flavor that is common in the vegetables that we will harvest from our garden. As we move into our new home it is exciting to see all the potential that our new land has to support us as we work to living a more sustainable lifestyle with a smaller foot print.